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Effective communication has always been a cornerstone to business operations. When starting a business one of the essential strategies to consider is the messaging platforms that is best suitable and conveys your brands message and values. Many business owners make the mistake of just choosing any communication channel without carefully analyzing which one is best. In this blog we will discuss the suitable factors that will be required in choosing the right communication channel for your brand.

Understanding your target audience

Before selecting a communication platform, it is essential that you understand your target audience needs. Are they more active with the traditional media or new media platforms, do they prefer social media or text messages?  In other words, you need to know your audience preferences, to understand which platforms best satisfies their needs.

Define your objectives

As a business owner you need to understand your branding objectives. Are you using this platform to increase your brand’s awareness, increase website traffic, or boost your brand profitability. There are different platforms they can help you achieve this for example Tik Tok can help you generate leads while Instagram could be best for increasing brand profitability.

Accessibility of communication platform

Evaluate the various features on the platform and its capability in conveying your brand message to your audience. However, you can consider a platform that your target audience can easily access and that can resonate your brand’s voice.

Evaluate your audience engagement

Feedback is important in choosing a communication platform, assessing the metrics, the active user base, engagement rate and organic reach can help you determine which communication platform best resonate with your brand.

However, good communication is more than simply the platform you use; it’s also about how you use it to connect with your audience genuinely and meaningfully. Remember that brand messaging cannot be communicated without the appropriate communication platform, therefore channels of communication are vital in PR.

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