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  1. Prime88 Concepts is not responsible for photography or video content production. You would find content specification on our rate card.
  2. We can in some cases recommend professionals to work on Photography or video content. Client is to conclude with these professionals and have the content created submitted to Prime88 Concepts in a week. These production period can sometimes take longer depending on agreement with photographer or videographer.
  3. The client doesn’t have to go with the photographer or videographer recommended.
  4. We expect a certain quality of work. These have been stated in our rate card.
  5. Prime88 Concepts does not take responsibility for the work of hired photographer, videographer or production crew.
  6. Prime88 Concepts and clients are to have virtual meetings to clarify project direction and details before commencement of project.
  7. After pictures and videos have been delivered by contracted professionals to Prime88 Concepts, a 7 working days period would be taken to work on details and arrangement of content before posting begins.
  8. Saturdays and Sundays are not working days for Prime88 Concepts and working hours are from 9am –
  9. Prime88 Concepts prepares contents and posts ahead, so we expect to have all the material needed before hand.
  10. Incase of unplanned posts, clients are allow 2 of such posts in a month and client should endeavour to have sent content 24 hours before, during working hours. From the third occasion forth, client would be charged.
  11. There are exemptions For certain services that involve constant display of feedbacks and events, like events publicity, movies, music promotion campaign etc. These services are based on agreement and run differently and can include weekend duties if need be.
  12. Clients who want to be able to send in emergency posts for up to 10 times monthly, should signify and ask for a special package.

Please note; not working on Weekend or after 5pm doesn’t mean posts would not be published at the time. Posts would still be published as usual.

  1. We would also like permission from client to post portions of work done for them on our social media platforms.


We strive to keep our clients satisfied so we hope we never have to do refunds.

If a client is requesting a refund after consultations and payments, client forfeits N5,000 if the amount is N50,000 and below or 10% of amount if above N50,000.

Contact Us

If you have any questions that have not been addressed in this contract please contact us.[/content_box][/vc_column][/vc_row]