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Our Services

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Audition Promotion & Communication

Efficiently manage and promote your auditions with our expert support, as we handle crucial communication tasks, such as sending emails and scheduling audition timings, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for producers and talent alike

Backlinks & Credibility building

Increase your internet presence and reputation with high-quality backlinks, boosting your website or personal brand to new heights with a great reputation.

Influencer Marketing

Increase the awareness of and interest in your brand by utilizing influencers. Our knowledgeable team proactively links you with the appropriate influencers, fostering genuine partnerships that provide results and promote long-term success.

Marketing & Promotion Campaigns

This typically consists of marketing strategy, content creation, ads, Media rounds, email marketing, social media management, influencer marketing etc

Media Relations

Getting our clients on the right tradition and new media platforms to promote their brand, new music, movie, event, business etc.

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